How to Engage Your Site Visitor with Video Intros: Sunumax Review

When you are trying to convert with your websites – from visitors to buyers, subscribers, sign-ups, etc. – you need the “it” in keeping them engaged. One of the most effective ways is by using video intros – either created by you or hiring a professional video creation service.

Video marketing is powerful when done right – on-site and off-site; with regard to the on-site video marketing, your choice of “model” who will introduce your website to your visitors is very important.

Of course, you – the site owner – will always be a strong branding impact to your site when you decide to shoot yourself to bring intros to your visitors. However, when you are not available for one reason or another, hiring the right video creation service is crucial.

Video creation service on steroid – Sunumax

Sunumax is one of the better options on the web today to outsource your video intro creation.

Starting from only $99, you can have a high quality video intro with great model (your choice.) The great thing with Sunumax is speed: It’s using Adobe Media Server to host your video – a service that will allow your video intro or video pop-up to be loaded lightning quick.

With a strong list of clients, such as Hyundai, Asus, Kinder, etc. – I don’t think you can find better solutions elsewhere.

So, be sure to check out to find out whether it can answer your need.

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