How to get the most out of your money

My wife and I share this interesting passion: We like to buy stuffs on a bargain. And we are not talking about buying cheap but low quality stuffs. We are talking about stuffs like branded fashion, fancy restaurants and such – and pay only a fraction of what people would normally pay. I can’t say that we are living frugally; we can actually afford the stuffs we want. All I can say that we found our “happiness” from deals.

That being said, we visit deal websites – such as Groupon – a lot. We also visit sites offering money saving tips and advices, such as Shopping Kim. And yes, we shop online for one major reason: We can get cheaper stuffs shop online – not mentioning the availability of online coupons.

You see, searching for deals online, we conclude that those who pays in full is not leveraging what they have really well… and unlike those behind Shopping Kim, I often assume those who don’t seek deal as either busy people or simply lazy people.

So, do you want to be more responsible with your money? Shop smart, and seek deals – believe me, there are PLENTY of deals available especially online; just spend a couple of minutes of your time and you’ll be surprise there are simply too many interesting deals to handle.

Remember: A penny saved is a penny earned!

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